Eilbeck Cranes is very proud to have secured a contract to supply some of the fastest, and possibly most powerful and technically advanced electric overhead cranes ever designed and manufactured in Australia for the construction industry on the massive NorthConnex Project which is a LendLease / Bouygues Joint Venture.

We believe our proven ability to deliver high quality Australian design and our hard-core attitude to willingly go well outside the box to exceed customer expectations and support the equipment at the coalface not just during tender stage over and over again was one of the key contributing factors in the contract award.

Our in house engineering team of 12 engineers are ready to submerse themselves wholly into this exciting high profile project using in house winch designs and state of the art electronics to deliver some truly magnificent pieces of machinery.

In total there are three shafts being sunk which are up to 100 metres deep with the overhead cranes primary role of muck removal with capacities of 50 ton and speeds up to 40m/min operating 24/7 required to keep up with the massive amounts of spoil removal, in addition to this there are auxiliary units with 100t capacity and the same height of lift which will be used to deliver and retrieve large machinery and components during the project. The largest of these cranes boasting 400kW drive motors.


Eilbeck ability to listen to customer requirements and come up with solutions to meet their needs using latest technology and the highest quality local components where ever possible produces very reliable, short lead times and unsurpassed support capabilities within Australia, all senior management being local and engineering having virtually centuries of experience under their belt means clients never having to wait extended periods for answers from a foreign head office to resolve even the simplest engineering challenges produces a unique interface with our clients which we believe is a key attribute.

Eilbeck estimate the overhead crane order alone will bring over half a million $ in orders to the local Sydney economy during the manufacturing phase as well as additional revenue during the operating phase in the form of servicing and maintenance over the cranes life.

It is really great to see large companies like LendLease and Bouygues supporting and trusting local Australian owned businesses like Eilbeck Cranes who have a long 108 year heritage whilst staving off very aggressive overseas competition and a testimony to the great working relationships Eilbeck Cranes has built over their long history.

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