It’s an exciting time at Eilbeck Heavy Machining Centre, with our growing dedicated team of CNC Machinists working together and pushing work out the door 24 hours a day.

With the addition of 6 various large CNC milling / turning centres, and additional 50% factory space in the last 18 months Eilbeck Machining has increased capacity substantially, and we are currently actively looking to take on new clients and sub-contract fabrication and machining work. If you would like to discuss further or send enquiries, please contact Charlie Eilbeck:
Direct: 0432 087 200

280t Tunnel Boring Machine Handling (TBM) Crane

At current, Eilbeck Cranes' Machining Centre is machining all bolted and pinned connections for the 280t Full Portal TBM Handling Crane. By doing this, ECs are ensuring ease of assembly and installation of the crane structure, low running and maintenance costs of the crane as all connections are machined to be exactly as per engineered design.

10.4m x 1.65m x 0.9m : 1 off 4 legs for the 280t full portal being milled and bored on our Okuma double column. Machine Capacity: 8m x 3.5m x 1.7m with NC 1 degree indexing head.
7970mm long Sill Beam being milled on ECs single column travelling bed mill.
Machine Capacity 8m x 2.45m x 1.1m with NC 1 degree indexing head.

Current Sub-contracting Machining Works

Eilbeck Cranes' Heavy Machining successful with on-going locomotive bogies for various export markets.
650mm bores machined with ease and pins fitted for Quality Assurance.

Eilbeck Machining News

The Need for Speed

Eilbeck Cranes is very proud to have secured a contract to supply some of the fastest, and possibly most powerful and technically advanced electric…

Ground Breaking

Eilbeck Cranes breaking ground on their new multimillion dollar machine shop at their Ingleburn works.

Karl Georg wheels and axles for Cobre Panama

Eilbeck Cranes Successfully Sell 150 Tonne worth of Conveyor Wheels and Axles into Central America for the Cobre Panama Project

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