Cheree Peters



In a post-apocalyptic world of rigid rules, Althea’s luxurious life is turned upside-down when she is kidnapped by the dreaded Variants.


Betrayed by those she trusts most, Althea is forced to question everything she thought she knew – including who she is and what she’s capable of.


Are the Variants dangerous insurgents or a new breed of human, fighting for freedom?


Althea must separate deception from truth to claim her own power.



After discovering the truth that she is a Variant herself, Thea and her friends must escape from the Cardiff armament. What awaits in the woods and beyond is only the beginning of Thea's worries. Her memories continue to return, leaving her with troubling questions.


With her Ability growing stronger, will Thea be able to protect her friends and family from the old enemy in the south, along with the new threat from the north?


Time Warper is the sequel to Time Catcher, part of the young adult series, The Variants.